Social responsibility

The Social Cooperative Solidarietà e Servizi is able to activate, in collaboration with the districts and its customers, appropriate conventions to accomplish (via activation of service and supply contracts) the obligations of the Law 68/99 “Standards for the right to work of disabled people”. Companies subject to the requirement of taking underprivileged people (Law 68/99 governing the “Standards for the right to work of persons with disabilities”) can fulfill this obligation through the assignment of work orders to social cooperatives. During the contract, the company has the ability to compute the disabled workers – working at the cooperative in charge of executing the Convention – to cover its share of obligation.

What does your job in Ress mean to you?

Support at work

The work support is undoubtedly the ultimate goal of the project. RESS represents the possible conclusion of an educational and rehabilitative process that allows fragile people to work in a technologically advanced environment, in a typical operational complexity of the industrial sector.

The success of the project is given by the opportunity for people to be employed; starting from simple processes such as assembly or data entry, moving on to more complex tasks such as document management or call centers, they can get, wherever possible, to work in a production environment which competes with profit companies.