Production process

How RESS resistances are made

After a careful selection of the raw materials, RESS manufactures the required products, according to the specific needs of the customer and following an accurate production process – according to guidelines that guarantee an organizational optimization aimed at a continuous strive for quality. The processing phases can be carried out by disadvantaged personnel, adequately trained, able to carry out complex and valuable activities.

The production process follows the following steps:

  • Realization of the Resistive Spiral in Nickel-Chromium according to the specifications identified during the engineering phase
  • Welding of the spiral to the connection cables in silicone glass
  • Threading of the spiral inside special insulating ceramics in Cordierite or Steatite
  • Insertion of the ceramic plate into the appropriate aluminum or steel housing
  • Finishing of the product (sandblasting with aluminum oxide, cementation) and final polymerization
  • Stamping with personalized laser engraving
  • Final testing of ohmic value, insulation and dielectric strength
  • Quick and punctual delivery

RESS uses appropriate safety protocols, tested procedures and quality controls at every stage of the production process.