The project RESS

Within Solidarietà e Servizi Cooperativa Sociale, a new business unit called RESS (Resistenze Elettriche Solidarietà e Servizi) has been created with the aim of producing in-house resistors for Digital automation and electric motors drives industry.

The challenge is to fit into a complex market like the electrical-mechanical one, producing high quality products at affordable prices, encouraging the professional reintegration of frail and disabled workers.

Disabled workers have difficulties entering the labour market without the application of public measures. RESS is a business industrial reality aiming to engage disabled workers in the production process of our braking resistors. This is also relevant in terms of social cohesion, which is one of the central objectives of the European Union and of its Member States.

Tests and inspections

We guarantee high quality standards thanks to the activation of strict security protocols and tested control procedures at every stage of the production process. The resistors, made of non-combustible materials are compatible with different IP degrees of protection.

The tests made by RESS are performed using appropriate equipment, enabling to:

  • Measure the resistance value
  • Test the insulation resistance
  • Test the dielectric rigidity

Fields of application

Braking resistors are used in many industrial sectors. In particular, these resistors are used in devices to control electrical motors (inverter) and are particularly suitable for working cycles with long or frequent braking.

Electric drive


Renewable energy

Railway system

Adding value to work

Our aim is to introduce or reintroduce to work disabled or frail people, not only as an asset or as a source of income, but also and especially as a constitutive dimension of the person. This is because in their growth path, healing or redemption process, they can reach the VALUE OF WORK, which offers dignity and a “place to be”.

That is why it must be a REAL job. A REAL job means real utility to the customer on something that really interests him, and so he will ask us quality, attention and commitment. This turns into a REAL job for the people who do it, because first of all they contribute to create real VALUE and UTILITY, and then because they are in a “challenging” condition that makes them grow.